Vend at Ska & Reggae Fest 2024

So you wanna vend, show off your product or raise awerness for a cause? Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival is here to help you!
The cost for vending varies based on the size of your kiosk, the power you require and other factors. Please contact Phoenix Bain at [email protected] for details. 
Food Vendors
You are required to process and have an accepted VIHA food permit 1 week before festival
payment must be recieved one week prior to festival with deposit of $1250 when your application is accepted.
What kind of food and beverages will you be selling?
What is the price point?
Have you participated in other festivals? If so, which ones?
Please send us a picture of your set up and take a moment to read over our guidlines
Specialty Vendors
What is your product?
What are you hoping to gain from the festival?
Why do you think your product would be a good match for the Ska Festival?
Please e-mail Nick Klinick at [email protected] with the answers to the above questions and a picture of your set up if applicable.
Thank you