Blasé Blasé

Blasé Blasé is an eclectic group from Victoria, BC Canada featuring a lineup of the city's most talented veterans – Daniela Jackson (vocals), Tejas Collison (bass), Gavin Rose (drums), Guillaume Richards (guitar), Jesus Estevez (vocals, keys, production) and, the unofficial 5th member, Shane Blaq (vocals). Blending elements of live jazz, funk and conscious hip-hop, they have a sound as unique and diverse as its members. Their sound ranges from high-energy funky and disco thumpers that get a dancefloor moving to slower, soulful jazzy tunes, with a vibe closer to The Roots, FKJ, or the late Mac Miller. From their debut sold out show at Lucky Bar Blasé Blasé has been a musical force on the Island music scene. With a pandemic-induced hiatus, the group has poured their time and energies into further developing their live show and writing new material and looking to hit 2022 hard out of the gate. Indeed, the next chapter promises to be truly exciting for the group as they reintroduce themselves to the world and showcase their new sound as a full live band.