More than 600 live shows in 14 states, including Vans Warped Tour dates in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Performances with 100 national, headlining acts, such as Reel Big Fish, Good Charlotte, The Toasters, Catch 22, and The Misfits. Four studio albums and a live EP, recorded before an overflow, hometown crowd at Philly’s own Trocadero.

But for SGR, the nine-year evolution from Voorhees, NJ garage band to seven-piece mainstay of the regional D.I.Y. music scene has always been about the fans. Its legion of followers (“the SGaRmy") ranges from pre-teens to those long since children—and the band never fails to catch new ears at every show.

What's the attraction? It might be SGR's rich, layered sound; ignited by soulful vocal melodies, fueled by fiery horn and organ riffs, and groove-driven by a nasty rhythm section. Or it might be the band’s willingness to dust off surefire crowd-pleasers like Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” or Van Morrison’s “Domino” to close out a set. Heck, it could even be the fact that with seven performers on stage, there’s always something to watch—even if it’s just the guys jockeying for elbow room.

Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: the band takes its musicianship very seriously. With a lineup that includes a drum line instructor, a recording engineer, and a keyboardist who handles a vintage set of Hammond, Lowry, and Rhodes organs, the group claims a diverse musical heritage. Taking its cues from The Band, Chicago, and Bruce Springsteen as well as from Sublime, 311, and The Clash, SGR combines various musical tastes with an infusion of energy.

The band’s latest efforts have centered on expanding its presence throughout the United States and Canada to promote its new EP, Atomic Pony, with tour dates to the Northeast (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania), Southeast (Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia), and Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin). At the same time, SGR maintains its home base with blowout, regional showcases like its Rock n' Register voter registration initiative, and regular performances at top Philadelphia venues such as the Trocadero, Theater of Living Arts, North Star Bar, and Grape Street Pub.