Jordan Rain's Seattle - Jamaica - New Orleans Dance band, YOGOMAN, compells audiences to get up and dance with shout outs, sing a longs, and call and response lyrics while paying close attention to the quality of their music. Rain leads his world class band from the drum set through a variety of syncopated styles- Ska, Reggae, RnB, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Latin, and New Orleans Jazz/ Brass Band music. These rhythmically complex genres require a supernatural talent to simultaneously sing and drum.

As a family man, Rain highlights and tours with his talented musical family and a has brought a great lineage of star musicians to the stage over the years. YOGOMAN rehearsals and shows have educated both band and audience members alike to the subtlety of Jamaican Roots Music genres that Rain has been a vinyl DJ of since 1999. Other world class greats that have shared the stage with YOGOMAN are Jamaica's original Ska band, the Skatalites, Third World, Clinton Fearon (of the Gladiators), Pato Banton, and Junior Reid.

"...It's ALWAYS a good idea to spin a Yogoman track. Positive lyrics, infectious melodies, stellar musicianship...just great, great songs. They've gone from being unknown to KHUM listeners to being possibly the most requested band during my shift."
-Larry Trask/DJ, KHUM.com/104.7 FM

"If your not having a good time to YOGOMAN's music, you have to ask yourself, do I know how to have a good time?" - Sam Beam of Iron and Wine