Tasman Jude

Who says the prairies can’t breed great reggae bands? Certainly not Tasman Jude, who hail from Grande Prairie, Alberta, and are one of the most exciting young talents in the Canadian reggae scene today. Initially founded by Caleb Hart and Al Peterson in 2013, the union quickly evolved, drawing in Derek E Wilde and Bethany Earle and soon released their debut EP El Norteño to a welcoming reception. Their downhome, roots approach to reggae resonated with a widening audience, and soon Tasman Jude was touring and getting national radio airplay. In October of 2014, their first full-length release, Green, arrived to considerable success, debuting at #1 in the Canadian iTunes reggae charts and sharing their sound on a worldwide scale. The results were yet more tours that took the band not only across their home nation, but also to Australia and the Caribbean.

Known for their passionate live shows that are filled with easygoing, dance-ready jams, Tasman Jude are notable in their love for their fans, whom they refer to as their “family.” Without a doubt, this skilled and inspiring group are one to watch for any self-respecting Canuck reggae fan.